"I'm a good writer. What do I need an editor for?"

The simple answer is that two pairs of eyes are better than one. Even professional writers use editors and recognize the benefit that a good editor can add to a project.

The primary reason for using an editor is to make your book more likely to sell. You know what you meant to say, so your writing is perfectly clear -- to you. But you aren't writing for yourself. You are writing for an audience who doesn't know your characters or the twists of your plot the way you do.

That's where the Idaho Word Man comes in.

I can look at your book with a fresh pair of eyes. I will correct any errors in grammar and usage, and will clarify or smooth out any passages that are unclear, ambiguous, or awkward. If I don’t understand what’s happening in your big scene, chances are your reader won't, either. I will tell you where I got lost and ask you what you intended. Together, we will focus your ideas into a more marketable book.

Can I guarantee that your book will sell after I’ve edited it? No. I wish it was that easy. Even the original Harry Potter manuscript was rejected by several publishers (Wikipedia says eight) before Bloomsbury offered to publish it.

Can I guarantee that I will catch every error? Once again -- Alas! -- the answer is no. I will try to catch everything, but there is always a chance (sometimes a very good chance) that something will slip past me. That’s what proofreaders are for.

I will edit your book to formal American English standards (usually using the Chicago Manual of Style) and will format it for publication. I will help you present a polished and professional book to the world.

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